Xtreme Pro Series Cables | Apple MFI Lightning To USB-A Cable | Length: 10ft. | (PD) Power Delivery Fast Charg


The Xtreme 10ft Lightning To Type-C Cable allows you to recharge your devices when they run out of power. Useable with the latest Apple iPhone and iPad models our cable provides a fast and reliable charge when needed. Whether it’s the iPhone 13 Mini Pro Pro Max or with older versions going back to the iPhone 6 and 5S you’ll get the same results. In addition to the latest iPads our item also supports obsolete offerings including the 5th generation and Mini 2 if you still have one. It works with all Type-C chargers power banks and laptops without any complicated hubs or setups Our item can bend easily when connected without encountering any resistance and can be used up to 10000 times during the course of its life. Get your iPhones and iPads up and running again with the 10ft Lightning To Type-C Cable.

  • Works With Apple iPhones and iPads
  • PD -Power Delivery
  • 10ft Length
  • Useable With All Type-C Connectors
  • 10000 Bend Guarantee
  • MPN: XMS8-1027-WHT
  • UPC: 805106227883

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