Tactical – 15 in 1 Multi Tool & Fire Starter Kit | Knife Saw Fish Scaler Hook Remover Scissors Can & Bottle Op


  • Multi Tool & Fire Starter Set 15 in 1 Swiss Style Army Pocket Knife with Scissors | Magnesium Fire Starter with Compass & Whistle for EDC Camping Outdoor Survival Hiking Fishing and outdoor activities
    • Morpilot pocket multitool knife is constructed of military-grade Stainless Steel super anti-rust anti-and durable. Surface of the emergency fire starter is made of high performance waterproof material ABS and highly Sealed at the interface which can perfectly prevent the inner firestarter rod from getting wet.
    • This swiss style army knife assembles over 15 useful tools Large knife saw fish scaler hook remover scissors can opener bottle opener slotted screwdriver philips screwdriver leather punch metal file nail cleaner needle corkscrew key ring. One multi-tool solve all your problems when on the go.
    • Campared with cigarette lighter or matches Morpilot Magnesium Fire Starter is safer and more reliable that can make fire easily even in cold and wet environment. Not easy to Self-ignition even burn it with lighter. Fire effect is better than 80% of the similar products on the market. Besides it can be reused thousands of times and not easy to break even falling from high place.
    • This powerful Emergency fire starter is definitely not simply just a make fire tool it is also a magnetic compass that can tell you the direction when you get lost a 120db emergency whistle that help you call help when in trouble. And the 0.8m neck rope can also be made into trap bow bundling tool and so on when you need in emergency.
    • Morpilot Tactical Pocket knife & fire starter is not only for everyday carrying (EDC) but also for survival gear like Camping Hunting Hiking Fishing Outdoor Survival Emergency Outdoor.
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