Sunferno 4 Pack – 2 5000 LB Certified Ratchet Straps | Extended 15 Ft Length | MSRP


At Sunferno our mission is to eliminate automotive accidents. With 3000 annual deaths in the US due to distracted driving (9% of fatal road accidents) we offer safety tested and certified accessories that prevent distractions. Join us in building safer journeys and a future with zero compromises on road safety.

  • TIE DOWN ALL TYPES OF CARGO WITH CONFIDENCE- Unlike the average straps which break after 6 months 100k professionals have used our 2500 break strength 833lb working load cap straps for mass truck tie down for years no reason why you shouldn’t.
  • SAVE $700 BY INVESTING IN OUR STRAP- Moving a motorcycle in US costs more than $700 when done by a professional mover. With the easy to use Sunferno straps & the instructional guide you can secure the straps by yourself with expert guidance. The straps are truly an investment which pays over and over its cost.
  • CARGO DOESN’T SHIFT DURING TRAVEL – Unlike other straps which have hooks Sunferno straps have closed S-hooks so that the webbing doesn’t slip off the hook when you are driving. The webbing is made of UV ray protected material and strong sewing patterns for a lifetime use.
  • EASY AND CONVENIENT TO USE NO OTHER STRAP COMPARES – Say NO to straps which bruise your hand. The rubberized hooks and rachet handles will protect your hand and your precious motorcycle from getting scratches while trucking.
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