STP – Premium Emergency Roadside Kit | Contains: Jumper Cables Warning Triangle Gloves Tire Gauge Tire Repair


If your car breaks down and you’re stranded you need a way to signal your situation. The STP Emergency Roadside 5-piece Kit is made for all roadside emergencies. Starting off with the 20ft 4-gauge Jumper Cables allowing you ample room to connect your car battery for a jump. The STP SOS Reflective Triangle will allow others to perceive you are dealing with an emergency or require assistance. The Tire Gauge will allow you to verify your tire pressure levels and verify how much pressure your tire has lost. If you have a tire puncture you can plug many of these with the included tire repair kit. Your safety is also our top priority and we have included the white branded gloves to ensure safe roadside assistance. Never worry about being stranded again with the STP Emergency Roadside 5-piece Kit.

  • 20ft Jumper Cables: These 20ft long cables will ensure a strong connection when you need it most with these 4-gauge cables.
  • Gloves: Protect yourself with the pair of white branded gloves to handle the tire or battery issue.
  • STP Carrying Case: Secure and carry your kit in your trunk whenever you need it most in a sturdy case with a handle.
  • Tire Gauge: Verify the PSI level in your tire to ensure the pressure is accurate.
  • Reflective Warning Triangle: Place this waterproof reflective triangle nearby to notify those behind or ahead of you that you are handling your roadside emergency.
  • Tire Repair Kit: Repair your tire anywhere you are with the tire plugs.
  • weighs only 3 lb
  • MPN: SKI2-1008-BLK
  • UPC: 805106900380

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