STP – Home/Auto Interior LED Tap Light 3 Unique Modes Easy-To-Install


When driving at night you can get frustrated when there’s not enough light in the car. That can be fixed with the STP® Auto Interior Tap Light a great way to illuminate any space. Our LED light adds an additional source whether you’re reading trying to locate something etc. Simply hold the power button to turn it on or off and tap through our 3 available modes. The adhesive metal plate easily fits to any surface you want to place it in. You’ll also be able to easily recharge it with the included Micro-USB Cable to any compatible source. It should take up to 2 hours to gain around 5 hours of power. Be able to see without issue in your car at night with the Auto Interior Tap Light.

  • 3 LED Light Modes: After turning it on you can cycle through 3 unique light modes for your interior. These include Warm White Cool White and Blue. 
  • Easy-To-Install: Use the adhesive metal plate to easily link it wherever you want in your car’s interior. The built-in magnet connects without any complicated parts or ridiculous setups.
  • Adds Additional Light: Use it in your car add an extra light in a closet or illuminate any dark space that might have limited visibility for easy access.
  • Recharge With Included Cable: The included Micro-USB cable can help recharge your light whenever it runs out of power. Connect to any USB power source and it takes 2 hours to fully charge for 5 hours of use.
  • MPN: SIL1-1000-WHT
  • UPC: 805106900274

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