SPECIAL ORDER ITEM – Nite Ize – LED Illuminated Flying Disc (Frisbee) | Perfect For Night Time Use! | Color: C


Niteize Flashflight Disc with Multiple ColorsFlashing Disc Flies Through the AirThe Niteize Flashflight Disc uses an LED to illuminate the entire frisbee while playing a game of Ultimate. This light-up disc uses a microchip to cycle through 4 different colors: red blue green and purple. The illuminated frisbee performs just as well as professional-grade discs yet offers an element of fun. The light-up disc also allows for game-play at nighttime! No more having to call it quits when the sun sets. The 10.5-inch frisbee is water-resistant and will float if it were to land in water. Included with every unit purchased are 2 CR2016 lithium coin cell batteries

  • LED FLYING DISC – With its innovative design and super-bright illumination the Nite Ize Flashflight LED Light Up Flying Disc is suitable for serious sport and as a super fun flying disc toy. It even floats!     
  • DESIGNED BY A PRO – Designed by a professional Ultimate player this disc is 185 grams and truly balanced for long straight flight. Flies like the highest quality non-illuminated flying discs – hands down the best light up disc available
  • PATENTED LED TECHNOLOGY – With a patented fiber-optic array that extends all the way to the rim this entire flying disc is illuminated from every angle 
  • BOLD AND BRIGHT – Available in four LED colors: Red Blue Green and color-changing Disc-O (LED cycles through the color spectrum as you play).       
  • Measures 10.60in x 10.60in x 1.18in and weighs 185g
  • Long lasting 2 x 2016 3V lithium batteries (included) last up to 100000 hours
  • Push button on/off switch
  • Water resistant
  • GREAT FOR NIGHT OR DAY – Don’t cut your game of Ultimate short because of the dark. Whether playing with it as a toy or for serious sport you can play late into the night!
  • This long-flying disc utilizes an ultra-bright L.E.D. fiber-optic array illuminating the entire disc from every angle.
  • The innovative design provides optimal balance and stability. Diameter: 10.5in Weight: 185 g
  • MPN: FFD-08-07
  • UPC: 094664410343

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