Satechi – Slim X2 Bluetooth Backlit Keyboard | Color: Space


Easily complete daily tasks whether you are on your Mac iPad or iPhone with the Slim X2 Bluetooth Backlit Keyboard from Satechi. Designed to accommodate a wide range of devices the Slim X2 gives you basic functionality in a wireless form factor ideal for the office and home.With Bluetooth wireless technology this keyboard can sync up to four Apple devices allowing you to go from your Mac to iOS devices seamlessly. The Slim X2 offers a full QWERTY layout with media function keys and a full numeric keypad that streamlines data entry. Full backlighting makes it easier to use this keyboard in dim settings allowing you to get work done no matter where you are. A rechargeable internal battery powers the Slim X2 and gets a full battery in as little as 3 hours. An LED indicator shows battery life as well as Bluetooth syncing status. Additionally you can use the Slim X2 in wired mode.

  • Compatibility – The Slim X2 is compatible with a wide range of Apple devices including: iMac (2017 2019 2020 2021) iMac Pro Mac Mini (2018 2020) MacBook Pro (2016 2017 2018 2019 2020) MacBook Air (2018 2020) iPad Pro (2018 2020 2021) iPad Air (2020) iPhone 12 Pro Max iPhone 12 Pro iPhone 12 Mini iPhone 12 iPhone 11 Pro Max iPhone 11 Pro iPhone 11 and 2012 or newer Mac Devices. Not recommended for 2011 and older Mac devices.
    • For Mac & iOS Devices
    • Full QWERTY Layout
    • Bluetooth Connectivity
    • Backlit Keys
  • UPC: 879961009045

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