Primo –  Qi Wireless Charger & Desktop Lamp w/ Touch Sensitive Switch | Color:


The perfect mini desk lamp hybrid for office and home usage. Three lighting modes will help accommodate your environment and mood. Warm white light is ideal for reading and relaxing. Cold white light will be perfect for work mode. The lamp can also act as a night light with a significantly dimmer mode. One button control enables you to switch between the different modes. Modern touch sensitive button control. Free angle rotating gooseneck lets you freely adjust the lamp into your perfect position. Super malleable and strong neck will multiple twists and bends. Integrated wireless charging pad provides you with an additional charging output. 10W Output provides faster charging compared to standard wireless chargers. Compatible with most wireless charging enabled devices. LED indicator lights show charging status of your device. Power the light through the micro USB port (Micro USB Cable Included). Easily supply power from your computer or AC adapter. Long-lasting flicker-free LED lights will protect your eyes. A clean sleek and modern appearance will help compliment your home or office. Compact and lightweight design will allow you to transport the lamp anywhere. Non-slip pads at the base will prevent the lamp from sliding. Base Dimensions: 6.1” x 3.3”. Neck Length: 12”. Cable Length: 38.5”. Product Weight: 4.94 oz / 140g. Note: Fast charging availability fully depends on whether your cell phone supports wireless fast charging. Note: Please adjust your phone to ensure the center of the charging pad aligns with your phone’s charging coils.

  • MULTIPLE MODES: Switch between a warm and cold white light by pressing the touch sensitive button. Match the light to the ambience of the environment! Cold white light is great for working while warm white light is ideal for relaxing
  • NIGHT LIGHT: The final dimmer mode is the perfect night light! Keep a low light on that is not intruding and does not affect your sleep
  • FLEXIBLE GOOSENECK: Rotate the flexible gooseneck 360°! Always have the light at the perfect angle with the easy to adjust design. Strong and malleable neck will last even after many twists and bends
  • Qi WIRELESS CHARGING: Integrated wireless charger will provide you with another convenient charging output. Fast charging output will charge up your phone faster than standard wireless chargers.
  • SMART DESIGN: Flicker-free eye protecting LEDs. Lightweight and compact allow you to easily move the light around. Sleek and modern design will look fantastic at home or in the office! Non-slip pads prevent the lamp from sliding
  • POWER UP: Power the lamp through the included micro USB power cable using a USB-A Power port or AC adapter. (AC Adapter Not Included)
  • MPN: WX17040
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