Premium – Watch Batteries – 8 Of the Most Common Watch Batteries / 10 Each. ( 80 Pack) | AG0/AG1/AG3/AG4/AG6/A


  • Package contains 8 kinds of 1.5V botton battery: AG0/AG1/AG3/AG4/AG6/AG7/AG10/AG13 (LR521 LR621 LR41 LR626 LR754 LR927 LR1130 LR44)
  • Primarily used in many small electronics such as watches calculators medical devices LED lights car key toys remote control and so on.
  • Each battery piece has a separate packaging space taking it will not affect the storage of other batteries.
  • Long lasting battery life 2 years warranty. 0% HG non-toxic leak proof environmentally friendly.
  • MPN: SB-WB80PK
  • UPC: N/A

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