Motorola – Remote Speaker Microphone For Talkabout® 2-Way Radios | FRS53724B | Color:


BENEFITS OF MOTOROLA REMOTE SPEAKER MICROPHONES (RSMs) Two-way radio offers users reliable instantaneous communications and the addition of a Remote Speaker Microphone (RSM) can make a portable radio even easier safer and more effective to use. Motorola radios are built to withstand knocks and bumps but keeping the radio on the belt helps protect it from the drops and misuse that can occur when users hold the radio in their hand. Using an RSM allows the user to make and receive calls without the need to remove the radio from their belt leaving their hands free to hold guard rails climb ladders carry equipment or operate machinery. The RSM clips to a collar or epaulette making it easy to access when needed and since the speaker is then closer to the user’s ear it’s easier to hear calls so helps prevent missed messages.The Motorola remote speaker microphone is compatible with Motorola Talkabout® 2 way radios. Effectively provides optimal performance.Motorola FRS53724B Remote Speaker Microphone For Talkabout® 2-Way Radios

  • Remote speaker microphone helps in clear communication
  • Compatible with Talkabout 270 280 T289 T5100 T5200 T5300 T5320 T5400 T5410 T5420 T5600 T5620 T5700 T5710 T5720 T5800 T5820 and T5950
  • Push to-talk button on unit allows for easy communication
  • Volume dial on radio controls microphone volume for convenience
  • Headphones technology: Dynamic
  • Compatible with Motorola Spirit GT/Spirit GT+ Motorola Talkabout Fr50/Fr60/T289/T5100/T5200/T6200/T6300
  • Perfect for skiing backpacking and snowboarding
  • Headphones type: Speaker
  • Designed for use with spirit GT and Talkabout series radios
  • MPN: 53724B
  • UPC: 723755537248

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