Monet – Ultra Slim 3 in 1 Wallet Phone Grip & Kick Stand | Packaging In Attractive Window Box | Color: Monet B


MONET – 3 in 1 Phone Grip Wallet & Kick Stands are just what you need to not only keep your debit credit or gift cards in but also to prop your phone up on a flat surface and watch a video or snap a picture. With your phone and card-holder wallet all in one place you’ll have to worry less about misplacing one or the other with less loose articles around you. The wallet features a small strap that serves as both the stand and a small handle for added grip when using your phone. It conveniently holds up to three cards and slips flat right into your pocket. Simply adhere onto the back of your phone or phone case. The grip wallet is made of split leather plastic and metal. The 3-in-1 wallet measures approximately 3.75in x 2.25inand all come packaged in a hanging retail box with front window.

  • Monet has 2 pockets that can securely hold Credit Cards IDS Metro Cards Business Cards Cash and More
  • It also packs a slim grip that slides flat when your phone in your pocket and slides when you’re holding it.
  • Holding your phone with your fingers in the Monet grip will reduce the chances of dropping makes using your phone for texting and selfies more comfortable and reduces your need to super stretch and strain your fingers when using large screens.
  • Sliding the grip strap on Monet offers a benefit when your phone is laying on a table too – it acts as a kickstand.
  • This is perfect for reading watching movies face timing and just having extra viewable screen on your desk or beside
  • UPC: 842700109030

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