IDRYBAG – 20L IPX6 Waterproof Backpack Dry Bag | Constructed from Heavy Duty 500D PVC | HoneyComb Carry System


IDRYBAG – 20L IPX6 Waterproof Backpack Dry Bag | Constructed from Heavy Duty 500D PVC | HoneyComb Carry System | Color: Yellow Safety

  • 500D Waterproof Material: Idrybag 20L dry bag backpack is constructed from 500D PVC heavy duty material that is waterproof scratch proof and high performing ensuring no water can enter from the top of the dry backpack to keep your camping gear dry during adventure. Your waterproof backpack dry bag is double reinforced at all the major pressure points so that it’s durable enough and wear-resistant. Idrybag dry bag would definitely be your choice for any tough environment you may encounter!
  • How to Use: Align the straps on the top of the waterproof dry backpack after stores your gear then grab and roll the straps 3-5 times and connect each side buckle of the dry sack backpack to complete the seal. Stretch two side straps to protect the bag from leaks. Connect the top buckle and stretch the strap to avoid getting your gear wet. Each backpack dry bag is equipped with a wide firm hand-hold for your convenience meets your different demands for handheld or shoulder carrying.
  • Our functional waterproof bag backpack features the honeycomb design carrying system which is a customizable and comfortable system that supports the back through an ergonomic mechanical design to make the user’s experience more enjoyable. Each shoulder strap of the dry bag has a D-clip which is great for attaching water bottles and other gear that you want to keep close at hand. Also the reflective strip on the bag is sure to be very useful when you are at night.
  • Outer Pocket & Inner Pocket: Idrybag waterproof dry bag backpack has an external splash-proof pocket and an internal zipper pocket allowing you to keep your stuff organized for greater convenience. The front outer pouch of this dry bag contains essentials like a knife a flashlight and other small items for your quick access in case of emergency. The inner pouch helps to store those high-value belongings to prevent being stolen like phones cards wallet.
  • The dry bag is suitable for an enormous range of outdoor activities no matter hiking camping climbing biking even water sports like floating kayaking swimming rafting boating canoeing fishing surfing rowing…all allowed. Amazing companion for outdoor enthusiasts!
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