Chargeworx – 3-in-1 Smart Loop – Phone Ring Stand & Air Vent Mount | Color:


When it comes to and all-in-one smartphone mounting solution the Smart Loop might just be the lord of the rings. A fully case-compatible folding ring stand that you can either slip your finger through to allow a safer hold of your device or even just use the Smart Loop itself as a desk stand you have pretty much all angles covered. The Smart Loop really is one ring to rule them all. Simply apply to the rear of your phone or case using the sticky pad and you have a fantastic modular system for carrying and using your phone in many situations.

  • The Smart Loop can be used in many ingenious ways. The ring loop is relatively flat and can be folded out of view if you do not want or need it. But if you do simply pull the loop out slip your finger through and you have an extra secure grip on your phone. This is not only important in the sense that you will not your phone under any circumstances but also in the sense that your valuable and precious smartphone cannot be snatched from your hand. So security against damage and security against theft – that’s the beauty of the Smart Loop. The other benefit of using the Smart Loop in this way is that it allows fuller access to your phone’s screen. By not having to hold your phone so tightly you can extend your thumb across more of the screen area.
  • Featuring an innovative folding design the Smart Loop can be effortlessly transformed from its flat portable form on the back of your phone or phone case to a handy smartphone stand in seconds. The portable design is perfect for commuting allowing you to quickly pack away when needed and easily set up when ready. But even if you’re not somebody on the move this stand is ideal providing a sturdy hold which is perfect for watching movies reading eBooks following recipes surfing the web conducting presentations viewing photos or anything else you can think of. After a simple adjustment you can alter the angle of how your smartphone is held so it is more comfortable for typing. This makes it perfect for using at home in the office or on public transport.
  • Last but by no means least you have a air vent mount. This feature allow you to mount your phone in your car when you are driving.
  • With the Smart Loop you don’t need to remove your device from its case to use this fantastically useful ring no matter how big or bulky it is! It will work just as well in its case saving valuable time without you having to compromise on protection.
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