Armor All – Rearview Mirror w/ Front Viewing Dash Cam & Rear Back Up Camera | 4.3in Color LCD Screen | Include


When it comes to your car knowing what’s happening at all times can be critical during an accident or any other situation. The Armor All Rearview Mirror Dash and Backup Camera provides an additional set of eyes when driving. At 720P HD you’ll be able to record anything that occurs in front of or behind your car. A 4.3 Color LCD screen on the mirror can be turned on or off to display what’s happening around you. If motion is detected the camera will begin recording upon stopping and the device turning off your files will automatically save. Our camera comes with a 16GB storage card pre-installed for all of your recordings. You’ll have a 110° reverse field of view for anything approaching you. Installation for the front camera is easy as it connects to your existing mirror with the included rubber clips. For the backup model you have to install the wire to link to your reverse lights to connect it. If you have any concerns our manual contains a detailed overview of that installation. The DC charger/cable easily connects to your car’s DC Port for instant power. Know what’s happening as your drive with the Rearview Mirror Dash and Backup Camera.

  • 2 cameras for front/back views: our package comes with 2 cameras 1 for your dashboard and the other for the backside of your car
  • Backup cam allows 110 degree reverse field of view.
  • 720 HD Review Mirror Dash Camera –  Records audio and video while you are driving.
  • Record and playback video recording with included 16gb memory Card
  • 4.3in Color LCD Screen – your mirror has a 4.3 Color LCD screen to show what’s occurring as your car is in motion you can turn it on or off and use it as a regular mirror if you choose to.
  • Instant motion direction/field of view: when your car is moving both cameras are activated and record video and audio as you’re in motion you’ll also have a 110° reverse field of view for your back camera.
  • 16 GB storage card included: our camera comes with a 16 GB storage card already installed in the main mirror camera to save all of your existing recordings without issue
  • Easy dashboard installation: you can connect the dashboard camera to your existing mirror and connect it to your vehicle’s DC port with the included cable our rearview camera involves some specific wiring to work outlined in the included manual.
  • Attaches to your existing rearview mirror with expandable rubber clips
  • MPN: ADC2-1011-BLK
  • UPC: 805106801281

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