Armor All – 120W Premium Power Inverter | Power 3 Devices From 1 DC Port | Ports: (1) 2.4Amp USB (1) 3.0Amp Ty


With the Armor All 120-Watt Premium Power Inverter you’ll be able to transform how you handle the needs of multiple devices. You can power up to three devices from your car’s Direct Current Port. Our device converts the DC Voltage from the vehicle’s port into AC Alternating Current electricity for anything that’s connected. We have AC USB-A and Type-C Ports to power multiple compatible devices linked to our inverter including laptops gaming consoles and mobile devices including the Samsung Galaxy Note Fold and S models. The total combined Amp output for the USB-A and Type-C ports are equal to 5.4 Amps. It’s compact size allows for it to easily fit inside your vehicle or take it on-the-go wherever you need it. Power multiple items with the 120-Watt Premium Power Inverter today.

  • Get Behind The Shield With The Armor ALL™ 120W Premium Power Inverter. This device plugs directly into your car’s DC port and allows you to use items that require an AC adapter. It also provides a Type-C port and a USB port to power multiple other devices simultaneously
  • (1) 2.4Amp USB (1) 3.0Amp Type-C (1) AC
  • Plugs directly into your car’s DC port
  • 3ft heavy duty cord
  • Converts DC Voltage To AC Voltage
  • Total Output 5.4amp for USB-C & USB-A Ports
  • Compact Size For Easy & Convenient Storage
  • MPN: API8-1003-BLK
  • UPC: 805106801250

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