ANKER 735 Nano – 65W 3-Port USB GaN II Charger | (2) USB-C & (1) USB-A Power Ports | Color:


Utilizing an upgraded usage of GaN technology the Anker 735 Nano II 3-Port USB 65W Charger delivers fast charging for up to three devices while staying palm-sized and portable. Portability that’s enhanced by a convenient folding plug. When unfolded and inserted into an available wall outlet the Anker 735 supplies up to three devices a total of 65W of charging power. You have access to two USB-C and one USB-A port which can accommodate everything from smartphones to laptops. To keep everything safe Anker uses their PowerIQ 3.0 technology to intelligently and safely provide power to all devices.

  • USB-C (Any): Up to 65W
  • USB-A: Up to 22.5W
  • USB-C (Top) and USB-A: Up to 40W (USB-C) and 12W (USB-A)
  • USB-C (Bottom) and USB-A: Up to 12W (USB-C) and 22.5W (USB-A)
  • All 3 Ports: Up to 40W (USB-C Top) 12W (USB-C Bottom) and 12W (USB-A)
  • MPN: A2667J11-1
  • UPC: 194644130633

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