ANKER 511 Nano 3 GaN 30W USB-C Wall Charger | Color:


Unlike many other palm-sized cubic chargers the aurora white Anker 511 Nano 3 GaN 30W USB-C Wall Charger uses GaN technology to keep its compact size while delivering up to 30W of power. With 30W this little 1.12in thick charger can handle everything from a phone to a laptop. Simply unfold the integrated plug and connect an optional cable to the single USB-C port. With your device connected Anker’s ActiveShield 2.0 technology intelligently monitors the temperature (up to 3000000 times a day) to ensure safe and reliable charging.

  • Eco-Friendly PackagingIn an effort to be more environmentally conscious Anker has taken multiple steps to make their packaging as eco-friendly as possible. The low-plastic packaging is (on average) a 90% reduction when compared to other Anker products the paper used is FSC-certified 100% recyclable and even the printing on the packaging is done with a natural soy-based ink.
    • Palm-Sized Portable Charging
    • Up to 30W of Power Output
    • 1 x USB-C Port
    • USB-C Cable Required & Not Included
    • Folding Plug
    • ActiveShield 2.0 Temperature Monitoring
    • Eco-Friendly Packaging
  • MPN: A2147J21-1
  • UPC: 194644105976

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