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Xtreme – Stylus 6-in-1 Pen


Functions as Touchscreen Stylus Ballpoint Pen 4in Ruler Level Phillips & Flathead Screwdriver | Color: Silver

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SKU: 805106885731_xsy5-0106-sil_38495_-functions-as-touchscreen-stylus-ballpoint-pen-4in-ruler-level-phillips-andamp;-flathead-screwdriver-color-silver Categories: , , ,


The Xtreme 6-in-1 Stylus Pen comes with a variety of useful tools built into one sturdy and compact design. One end of the device is a stylus for use with touch screen devices such as smartphones and tablets. The opposite end is a standard ink pen with a replaceable ink cartridge. Within the device is a Philips head screwdriver and a flathead screwdriver for maintenance on the go. The side of the device is itself a ruler which extends up to 4 inches. Finally built into the side of the device is a level for maintaining a parallel angle with the ground

  • Six in one uses!
  • Functions as Touchscreen Stylus Ballpoint Pen 4in Ruler Level Phillips & Flathead Screwdriver
  • This stylus pen glides effortlessly on the screen (No more smudges)
  • Ballpoint pen ink cartridge can be refilled easily (Black ink included)
  • Constructed with heavy durable silicone
  • Touchscreen sensitive tip that can be used with any touchscreen device such as tablets phones GPS…
  • MPN: XSY5-0106-SIL
  • UPC: 805106885731


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