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The GenX Pods Pro Earbuds are the first generation of True Wireless Stereo Earbuds with wireless charging case. You have full access to the Bluetooth menu with the Bluetooth 5.0 version built into the Earbuds Pro.  They come with a wireless charging case that will hold a charge for up to 120 hours when fully charged and will allow around 3 to 4 hours of play time for each full charge. These are equipped with a noise canceling technology which can block out much of the unwanted noise around you throughout your busy day whether at work at home or at the gym.  The Pods Pro Earbuds have touch sensor technology that is built into the stem which enables you to play pause skip answer calls or hang up phone calls.  They are also equipped with active Siri HD Sound dual call waterproof IPX4 strong battery and long standby time.  These are made with an Airoha Bluetooth chip so the stability is outstanding and can hold up in order to last you for a long period of time as long as the Pods Pro Earbuds are taking care of.  As long as the Pods Pro Earbuds are taken care of they should last you for years to come.  Considering which iOS system you have updated to you may experience some issues with any ios 15 or higher.   The pop up app may have a bug due to some of the newer ios updates if so you can connect these straight to the phone using Bluetooth which may solve most of your issues but if not there are videos on how to fix the the phones ios system. With all that being said for the price you are paying these Pods Pro Earbuds will work great on phone calls listening to music watching videos or even exercising. 

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