Monster – Type-C USB to HDMI Adapter | 4k Resolution & Compatible With 1080P/1080I/720P | Color:


As Type-C USB ports become more common on many of our computers tablets and mobile devices adapting is crucial. Monster’s Type-C USB To HDMI Adapter will allow for you to have better connectability with compatible devices. You will be able to link between your adapter and an HDMI TV Monitor Projector or other item with ease. This supports both video and audio transmissions without difficulty. You’ll be able to view up to 4K Resolution Quality while being compatible with 1080p 1080i and 720p videos and images. Easy to transport and usable in different spaces you’ll have the perfect item to link to your various devices with the Type-C USB To HDMI Adapter.

  • 4K Resolution Quality: Your Adapter can support up to 4K Resolution on your presentations. It is also compatible with 1080p 1080i and 720p videos and images. Compatible with Type-C USB-Ported HDMI Devices: As long as your device has a Type-C USB port it will be supported by our Adapter. Computers Laptops Tablets Projectors Mobile Devices all of which are increasingly featuring these types of ports alongside other common ones. (Separate HDMI Cable Required/Not included with Adapter).
  • Superior Data and Power Transmission: Our Adapters support better data transmissions between devices. You can also charge certain compatible items by linking them together. The more powered of the two will provide a one-way charge to the least-powered one. Plug Play Get Started: Setup is a breeze. Just connect the device to a Type-C USB port and begin transmitting power and data between your items.
  • Supports Up To 4k Resolution & Compatible With 1080P/1080I/720P 
  • Easily Connect A Type-C USB Compatible Laptop Or Tablet To An HDMI HDTV Monitor Or Projector ( To Do This Requires A Seperate HDMI Cable Thats Not Included)
  • Transmits Both Audio & Video Signals
  • Lightweight & Portable
  • Plug & Play Ready
  • Ideal For Conferences Classroom Home Office Home Theater & More!
  • MPN: MHV1-2004-US
  • UPC: 805106890575

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