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Monster – Essentials 6 Outlet Wall Tap Surge Protector | Color:


Monster – Essentials 6 Outlet Wall Tap Surge Protector | Color: Black

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Monster – Essentials 6 Outlet Wall Tap Surge Protector | Color: BlackSometimes a basic wall outlet isn’t enough for all the devices you need to power. The Monster 6 Outlet Wall Tap allows you to plug in more than just 2 items in any given space. Connect our tap to any outlet and you can begin plugging in up to 6 items without issue. Our ‘Dual Mode’ tech prevents your connected devices from encountering surges spikes or severe overloads. Built-in fireproof tech avoids fires or other damage if a surge does happen. A blue LED light indicator spotlights that your item is secure and there are no issues. You’ll have up to 900 joules of energy absorption to accommodate your devices. Turn 1 outlet into one for multiple items with the 6 Outlet Wall Tap from Monster.• Turn 1 Outlet Into 6: Connect our 6 Outlet Wall Tap into any standard wall outlet and you can plug up to 6 devices in at any given time. • Dual Mode Surge Protection: Avoid the possibility of spikes surges or potential overloads with ‘Dual Mode’ protection built into the device. • Built-In Fireproof Technology: In the event of a surge you won’t have to worry about fires or potential damage with a fireproof system within the tap. • LED Light Indicator: A blue LED Indicator on the top of the item spotlights that your plugged-in devices are connected and won’t potentially overload it.

  • MPN: MWS1-1001-US
  • UPC: 805106890582


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