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Monster – 25FT Premium HDMI UHD 4k HDR Platinum Cable


Advanced Speeds Of 21 Gbps

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With the Monster UHD 4K Platinum 25-Foot HDMI Cable you’ll have better connectability between all your devices. Perfect for Computers TVs Gaming consoles Blu-Ray Players all HDMI-compatible devices will be supported. Presenting up to 4K Resolution the 60 Hz processing allows for a clearer smoother image on all your devices. At 21 Gigabytes per second you’ll have higher speeds than most HDMI cables which only support up to 18 Gigabytes per second. With a 16-bit color palette you’ll be able to see life-like colors on all your presentations and games enhancing their existing quality. The cable’s length of 25 feet is perfect for larger spaces and wider rooms conforming to your specific environments and various device setups. Our cable’s locking connectors allow for better linking and stronger signal maintenance between your items. They’re also compatible with the latest OLED and QLED TVs to provide the highest quality possible for users. Transform how connect to your devices today with the UHD 4K Platinum 25-Foot HDMI Cable.Supports All HDMI-Compatible Devices: Any HDMI-compatiable item TVs Blu-Ray/DVD Players Computers Gaming Consoles are supported. (Not compatible with HDMI-Mini Devices). 4K Resolution and 60 Hz for Superior Quality: With 4K quality and 60 Hz per second you’ll have the best image quality possible on all your favorite movies TV shows and gaming experiences. Life-Like Color Spectrum on your Items: The 16-bit Color palette enhances your existing presentations and creates life-like colors on your videos and images transforming how they’ll look. Great for larger rooms and wide spaces: At 25 feet our HDMI cable is perfectly suited for large environments device setups and wider areas that smaller sizes would not be able to reach and support. OLED and QLED TV-Compatible: With the increasing presence of OLED and QLED TVs in many households Monster has specifically designed their cables to be compatible with these items to better support their higher image quality and features. Better Connectors and Signal Strength: The cable’s linking connectors allows for better links to your devices while greatly enhancing the signal strength between devices avoiding much of the interference and glitches that can occur with some HDMI cables. Meets Every Standard for Highest Quality and Safety: Monster thoroughly reviews all their cables to ensure they meet the highest quality standards before leaving our product warehouse.

  • Advanced Speed of  21 Gbps 
  • Ultra 4k Platinum HDR
  • In-Wall Rate Duraflex Jacket
  • Locking Connections
  • Length: 25ft
  • MPN: MHV1-1027-US
  • UPC: 805106891565


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