Deesse – Massage Gun Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle


  • Upgrade quality] We use large capacity lithium battery providing 1500mAh-12.5V battery each charge can work for 4-6 hours if you continue to use it for more than 10 minutes it will heat up slightly and you can continue to use it without worry .
  • [20-speed adjustment] The massage gun has a 20-speed adjustment function which can provide targeted blows for each muscle group. Reduce bone and muscle damage caused by sensitive muscles. You can release stress and relax muscles
  • [6 interchangeable massage head fixing devices] The muscle massage vibration device is equipped with 6 different shapes of massage heads to provide a relaxing massage experience activate muscles stimulate blood flow greatly reduce muscle recovery time and relieve pain.
  • Easy to use] We designed a simple LCD touch screen. Using this icon you can adjust the speed level and stop it. Lightweight only 1.9 pounds.
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