Baseus – 18 Watt / 3.1Amp Dual Port Fast Charger w/ PPS Digital Display Shows Output Current & Voltage. |


You Want Dual USB/Type-C Fast Charging Ports? We’ve Got Dual USB/Type-C Fast Charging Ports! Plus A Digital Display To Boot!

  • Our Mirror Lake PPS wall charger features a stylish digital display showing the output current and voltage. In addition it’ll support multi-quick charge protocol including PD3.0 QC3.0 FCP AFC MTK etc. This makes the Mirror Lake one of the fastest wall chargers on the market today! Our Mirror lake plugs have full CE FFC and RoHS certification and a range of built in safety features which protect against over charging for your peace of mind. A built in intelligent protection detection chip automatically adapts current and voltage.
  • Input: AC100-240V~50/60Hz0.5A Max.
  • USB1 output: 5V 3A9V 2A12V 1.5A Max.
  • Type-C output: 5V/3A 9V/2A 12V/1.5A Max.
  • USB+Type-C: 5V/3A Max.

Programmable Power Supply

  • Programmable Power Supply (PPS) is a standard that refers to the advanced charging technology for USB-C® devices. It can modify in real time the voltage and current by feeding maximum power based on a device’s charging status.
  • MPN: A0001847
  • UPC: N/A

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